Learning disability services

We have many years experience in providing full support for almost any service for persons with learning disability

Quality learning disability support you can trust from Chiron Healthcare at Home Wellingborough

  • All our workforce has been trained in the Oliver McGowan Mandatory training on Learning Disability and Autism
  • We provide personal health and care services with our team of trained and qualified workforce, verified and rated by CQC
  • Our family management team have over 50 years combined experience in providing top quality service to our clients

Whatever your needs are in relation to learning disabilities it’s likely that we have provided for them in either our past care experience or currently. We are well versed in local activities for our clients, enabling many clients to safely and securely to follow their hobbies, friends or interests throughout the year. We provide close personal care through to holidays and days out dependent on what the individual wants or needs.
It all starts with the individual assessment by our trained assessor who looks for the individual behind the condition in order to meet their needs for a fulfilled individual life. This assessment is kept updated every 6 months or as requested by the client or their family.
The range of services include transport to work, play or shopping as well as get up/ put to bed if required , medication support, and all activities of daily living as required.
We try to create a fun happy environment for all our clients by developing some group activities depending on what people want or feel comfortable with.

Our clients are at the heart of everything

We have over 50 years experience in delivering top quality care to all- we arrange trained care workers, Healthcare Nursing Assistants, equipment, Physiotherapy, and all types of support care for the frail elderly, persons with learning disability through to short and long term post operative care for all

Our charges and pricing

Charges are from £22 per hour and services are available 7 days a week bank holidays included. There is a travel charge of £2.50 per visit. Payments are taken in advance based in the care plan by direct debit. Call Katie or Pam at the branch office to discuss details of the care and service available to you .

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