Domiciliary care services

Daily home visits from a team of trained, qualified DBS checked care workers who will support you with whatever health or social care need you have.

Quality domiciliary services you can trust from Chiron Healthcare at Home Wellingborough

  • Top quality care brought to you in the safety and familiarity of your own home
  • We provide personal health and care services with our team of trained and qualified workforce, verified and rated by CQC
  • Our family management team have over 50 years combined experience in providing top quality service to our clients

If you need help putting on your socks through to helping you remain in your bed safe and secure our team of fully trained, and suitably qualified care workers can call on you at your home to meet your need.
All our care workers can cook for you, shop for you, get you up in the morning, and put you to bed at night as well as look after you during the day for social care and health services. Medication prompting or support is a major part of our service to make sure you take the right medication at the right time.
To ensure that we deliver what you need we assess everyone by visiting you to make a full assessment ( or making a televideo call whichever is preferred) of what you would like to happen during our visits. We take a full record of what your health status is , your medical history and how much personal care you’d like us to deliver. We want to understand the actual person rather than just the tasks so that we can fit our care plans to you as an individual to meet your needs. Bathing or washing, hydration, nutrition needs are part of our complete range of personal services.
The service may be just a single care worker calling once a day,or week, through to 4 double staffed visits per day to help handle and move a bed bound patient. We can even offer a daily telephone call, a safety or check up call, as part of our service to meet your need to be kept safe and secure. We update the agreed care assessment every 6 months to make sure we are delivering what you need, plus we also make regular check visits to confirm that our care is up to the high standards that we expect it to be.
Days out, visits to local friends and locations are part of our daily service and will be arranged to meet your needs. If you have a hobby or friends that you’d like some assistance to stay in contact with then our care workers will help you achieve that too.

Our clients are at the heart of everything

We have over 50 years experience in delivering top quality care to all- we arrange trained care workers, Healthcare Nursing Assistants, equipment, Physiotherapy, and all types of support care for the frail elderly, persons with learning disability through to short and long term post operative care for all

Our charges and pricing

Our hourly charges are value for money at £32.50 per hour, and rates are available for some shorter visits, along with a travel charge of £2.50 per visit. Mileage charges of 45p per mile will be made for trips out using the care workers own car plus £5 to cover suitable insurance for you as a passenger. Payment is made for 4 weeks in advance, based on the agreed care plan. A direct debit will be used for all ongoing payments.

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