Home from hospital

A team of Healthcare Nursing Assistants will look after you for 5 days, 10 days or even longer immediately on your discharge from hospital.

Quality hospital care you can trust from Chiron Healthcare at Home Wellingborough

  • Top quality care brought to you in the safety and familiarity of your own home
  • We provide personal health and care services with our team of trained and qualified workforce, verified and rated by CQC
  • Our family management team have over 50 years combined experience in providing top quality service to our clients

You can be discharged from hospital to the safety and security of our Home from Hospital team of trained Healthcare Nursing Assistants who will look after you from day 1 or discharge , helping you to recover confidence and the ability to live independently.
On your arrival at home your health and safety will be checked , food stocks purchased for the kitchen and the appropriate heating and lighting will be organised. Any special equipment, such as air beds, can be provided through a rental service arranged by Carewise Northampton. Daily health monitoring will be standard, Blood pressure , Pulse oximetry, Pulse, Breathing and Temperature. Simple Physiotherapy exercises will help to recover balance and mobility. Any incontinence issues are easily dealt with, whether temporary or otherwise, Peg feeding, diabetic needs or even stoma care can all be managed to suit your needs. Communication with your GP will be made, with your permission to take full advantage of any services locally for your recovery( such as visiting District nurses) or else we can offer a paid for service of GP advice and action.
We will stay with you assessing yourself progress each day until you are confident enough to say goodbye to us. If you want us to stay on with providing some daily help then We can discuss that too…. It’s whatever you need that we are there to provide..

Our clients are at the heart of everything

We have over 50 years experience in delivering top quality care to all- we arrange trained care workers, Healthcare Nursing Assistants, equipment, Physiotherapy, and all types of support care for the frail elderly, persons with learning disability through to short and long term post operative care for all

Our charges and pricing

We will go into hospital to assess you ( charge for assessment of £150) which will be free on the starting of the service. Then our team will take you home on the day of discharge, no waiting for hospital transport or medication , all of that will be handled by our team.
Prices start at £1000 per 5 days service including transport and assessment, paid in advance, minimum booking for 5 days. Phone us now to ask for this service and we will arrange for an assessment to happen within 24 hours.

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